Who picks the backgrounds?

We always start the session by asking what you want. From there we decide backgrounds based on your clothing, personality, location and lighting. Please let us know if you have any specific requests and ideas. We love hearing from you.

Can I bring a parent or a friend?

If a parent or a friend will make you feel comfortable then it’s a great idea. We love their input and ideas. Plus, it’s fun to make them take a few pictures with you!

What if it rains?

Weather can change fast in Minnesota. It can be raining in your city, but clear in Delano. If you're worried about rain give us a call 1-2 hours before your session and we can determine if it's worth the trip. Often the most beautiful light shines immediately before or after it rains. We love photographing on over cast days. Don't be discouraged by lack of sunshine!

Should I bring props?

Well of course! We love incorporating the things you enjoy. Don’t forget sports equipment, musical instruments, hats, your shoe collection or anything you think would be fun. There is no additional charge.

What happens after my session?

Roughly one week after your session you will visit our studio again to view your portraits. At this time, all major decisions will be made. Orders must be paid in full at this time, unless you opt for the layaway program.

How much will I spend on my package?

We have clients that just want small prints and spend the minimum of $425 and clients that purchase wall art, albums and collections that spend over $1000. No decisions have to be made until after you view your images. Feel free to request our full price brochure before booking.