Sophie Dryer
Eden Prairie High School

"My favorite part of my session was how beautiful, free, and confident both Megan & Linda made me feel. I truly felt like a model for the day. I really loved the amount of energy you guys brought to the session to make it the best time.”

Gabby Brakemeier
Waconia High School

β€œThe Open Air Studio was my favorite part
of the session! There were so many places that I could pick from that matched my
personality well. It really made my photos turn out great because it had that little extra piece
of me in it :) ”

Paige Wormer
Jordan High School

"I appreciate how much you guys really cared for us. You would always be asking if there was anything in particular that we were looking for and really made us feel like we've know you guys for a long time. It was something I'll never forget!"